Open Hardware / Libre Softwear

On the first of October 2013, from 9 to 16h, we organise a workshop in ARTS², Carré des Arts Rue des Sœurs Noires 4a 7000 Mons. Description of the Workshop:

A workshop mixing textile design with digital culture and tools (Floss in soft-and hardware). We will use  a hacked knitting machine (Knitic). When you connect the machine with a computer, it turns into a kind of textile printer. At the same time our knitted surfaces will have conductive capacities turning our textile into a keyboard (Make my Makey Makey Myself). Workshop given by Claire Williams & Wendy Van Wynsberghe For Quinzaine Numérique @ Mons

There are three major parts in the workshop: – Making another version of the Makey Makey – Designing an interactive knit or crochet and making it. – Making an application to demonstrate what you have made.   We will first introduce ourselves to then go on about Open Hardware.

  • Knitty Gritty – Some ideas to work with

As our Diy Makey Makey uses the arrow keys, space and left click,  we can use the following pieces of software to make that all work:

If you want inspiration or use some tools to generate patterns for knitting here is a list.

  • How to prepare your design for knitting / Comment préparer son image pour la tricoter.

Il faut garder en tête que 1 pixel = 1 aiguille a tricoter donc une image de 60 X 60 PIXELS = un tricot de 60 aiguilles en largeur et 60 rangs de longuers. Dans ton éditeur d’image (Gimp, Photoshop..)

  • – Créez un nouveaux doc de 60 X 60 pixels ,
  • – Dessine, écrit , ou importe une photo de ce que tu veux
  • – Passer la photo en mode bitmap ( .bmp)

soit dans Gimp

  • – Image/ Mode/ couleurs indexées/ palette noir blanc 1 bit
  • – Puis enregister en png en allant dans Fichier/exporter / “nomimage.png”

ou Photoshop

  • – Image/mode/bitmap
  • – Puis enregistrer votre image en «nomimage.PNG »

Ellentriek Valies: The making of

We are making the Ellentriek Valies, a travel trunk full of tools, electronic goodies and microcontrollers. You can use the suitcase to start tinkering with interactive electronics wherever you wish.

We had quite some dilemma’s to deal with:
– what kind of trunk do you choose: a real tool case (heavy), a travel trunk?
– what is absolutely necessary if you want to tinker with basic electronics?

Here are a few lists that inspired us:

After the trunk was chosen, a light-weight, sturdy 2 wheeled red chunk of plastic, you have to customize it, make it ready for tools.

Here are some images of dressing up the trunk. Rosalie Stevens did the nice design and sewing work, I was part of making (dumb labour :-)).

What tools have to go in there?

In the middle there will be a tool insert, fabric over wood.

A first possible lay-out of tools:

This is the fabric and elastic that will hold the tools:

The one thing which got finished today was putting the Crickx letters on the outside.

I’m afraid that we did mix italic with non-italic, with different sizes.. It looks great! Thanks a lot Uberknackig for sticking the letters on the trunk. I had sticking fear..

Still quite some work ahead of us…

Contact us if you want to use the Valies.