Setting up your prototype

The first part of setting up your prototype is setting up your breadboard, connecting it to your microcontroller.
The ITP – the Interactive Telecommunications Program – part of NYU have some nice tutorial pages, for example showing how to set up your breadboard step by step. A lot of work goes into writing and documenting this..

Ellentriek #9

Ellentriek #9 Sensor me Sensor you – 8 & 9, May 2010 – 10:00 – 18:00
Rue du Fortstraat 35, 1060 Brussel / Bruxelles (B)

de pianofabriek

Are you currently working on an electronic tinkering project? Do you want to discover all kinds of buttons, potentiometers, infrared detectors, movement detectors, gassensors, coloursensors, pressure sensors, sonar etc? Are you curious to see how you can use these handmade – reused – new buttons and sensors? Do you have urgent techie issues?

The Ellentriek sessions are collaborative work moments where you can ask questions, share knowledge and get inspired by other projects. This Ellentriek focusses specifically on sensors.

We provide all kinds of material to work with (soldering-desoldering irons, troubleshooting equipment) including physical help by humans. For beginners and up

Enrolling is advised: wendy @ttt

If you have specific questions/needs with regard to your project, send them to us. The more we know what you are working on, the better we can prepare.

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Ellentriek #8

24, 25 October ‘09 – 14:00 – 18:00
Zennestraat 17 Rue de la Senne, 1000 Brussel / Bruxelles (B)

Open workshop – bring your project involving electronics and let’s work on it together. If you have no specific project in mind, you can come check it out and get some electric inspiration and a conversation. During this pre-spring weekend artistic DIY-ers can:

– Continue their electronic research (research)
– Experiment and try out new stuff (experiment)
– Get one step further thanks to new input and knowledge (education)
– Further develop an idea(creation)
– Cooperate with other diyers/Ellentrique freaks from different backgrounds (cooperation)
– Get inspired (inspiration)

Info: wendy(at)

Nog niet over windmolens maaarr over borduren.

OK, OK, wat kunnen echte Ellentriekers en Ellentrieksters met borduren aanvangen, kun je je misschien afvragen, maar de excellente tutorials op Crafty Daisies, via de Craftzine weblog, hebben me overtuigd om ze op Ellentriek te posten. Ze zijn zeer goed!

Een foto van een Frans knoopje in wording:

Frans Knoopje

Les 1
Les 2
Les 3
Les 4

Het is trouwens mogelijk om ledjes in kleren te naaien, zo kun je je geleidende draad artistiek verwerken in textiel (oef toch wat Ellentriek :-))

Laat die Franse knoopjes maar komen!